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We’re hiring: Business Development Associate

We’re looking for an energetic and entrepreneurial individual to join our efforts to grow our business and achieve our social mission. The Business Development Associate will be responsible for identifying new business opportunities and prospective customers while supporting our current customers. This position offers the opportunity to be Dobility’s inaugural employee in the D.C. area, with lots of responsibility and many hats to wear.

Skills, status, and social networks: New research from South India

How does the formation of skills and social networks, especially those defined at the community and individual levels, influence the characteristics of individuals’ trajectories in terms of social status, employment, and migration in South India? We connected with Christophe Jalil Nordman about his work on the Networks, Employment, dEbt, Mobilities, and Skills in India Survey (NEEMSIS) project at the French Institute of Pondicherry and asked him how his team is using SurveyCTO.

2.30: All about integrations, permissions, and ease of use (VIDEO)

With 2.30, you can group and organize forms and datasets however you wish; more easily connect SurveyCTO data to external systems, including Salesforce, Gmail, Office 365, Twilio, and many, many others; take advantage of more web-based data export options and Stata templates, even for encrypted data; and access a new “Enterprise” version of SurveyCTO that makes it easier to share a single subscription across country offices or teams.

Perspectives from the Mekong region with MDRI

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with researchers at Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI), a scientific research agency in the Mekong region and longtime SurveyCTO user. MDRI partners with a wide range of international and domestic clients, including the Asian Development Bank, International Labor Organization, United Nations Development Programme, and many others on projects spanning survey management, evaluation, M&E, and applied research.

Scaling up skills-based training in Rwanda and Uganda with Educate!

Educate! is focused on transforming secondary education in Africa through skills-based training – and has been using SurveyCTO for the past three years to improve and scale up its systems. We recently connected with Educate!’s Shauna Davidson, who shared more about their model, the students they are serving, and how they are integrating SurveyCTO with their monitoring dashboards.

Studying the Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh with ARCED Foundation

Aureolin Research, Consultancy and Expertise Development (ARCED) Foundation is a long-time SurveyCTO user based in Dhaka, Bangladesh that works with teams from Plan International, Oxfam, BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, MIT, National University of Singapore, and many others. We connected with Md. Zahirul Islam about his work at ARCED, their research on the Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector, and how their organization has used SurveyCTO to improve the quality of the data they collect.

Dobility is hiring: Special Projects Associate

The Special Projects Associate role offers the opportunity to be one of Dobility’s key U.S. employees, with meaningful responsibility and many hats to wear. For the right person, this role will present the opportunity to learn valuable technical and project management tools on the job, while also enjoying 360-degree visibility into the operations of a social enterprise start-up. The role will serve Dobility’s headquarters leadership, and top performers will have the chance to grow with the company and learn invaluable accounting, business data management, and project management skills through their work.

Dobility is hiring: Quality Control Lead

Typically job descriptions start with pleasantries. We’re great. You’re great. Let’s see if we can be great together. But for this role, we’re going to try to scare you off. Dobility’s founder titled our email thread, “Hiring the impossible QC person.” We know we’re pushing the bounds of what is possible. We get that. But we fundamentally need someone on our team who can help us maintain incredibly high reliability standards on a shoestring budget while relentlessly innovating to meet customer needs.

Studying infectious disease, hospitals, and umbilical cord care in Zambia

Boston University’s Center for Global Health and Development (CGHD) is a multidisciplinary research center that focuses on global health and social development challenges. Several of their studies use SurveyCTO, and we recently connected with Dr. Davidson Hamer about his implementation research on infectious disease, particularly as it impacts mothers and children.

Dobility is hiring: Technical Solutions Manager

We’re looking for an energetic and entrepreneurial individual to join our efforts to grow our business and achieve our social mission. Although we are a small, lean, and early-stage social enterprise, our product, SurveyCTO, has already been used by hundreds of teams in over 130 countries. This position offers the opportunity to be one of the key early employees—and the firm’s inaugural employee in the D.C. area—with lots of responsibility and many hats to wear.

Meet the team: Vikas Arora on quality data and public health in India

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing my colleague, Vikas Arora, who has over a decade of experience in the public health sector. Prior to joining Dobility India, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry, taught public health courses at university, and managed mHealth projects in rural areas. I asked Vikas about his work and the opportunities he see to further engage public health researchers in India.

Studying Quality of Life in India with 4th Wheel Social Impact

We recently connected with Sharon Weir, the co-founder of 4th Wheel Social Impact (4WSI), about how SurveyCTO aligns with their work improving the way social programs in India are conceptualized, implemented, monitored, and evaluated. She shared details of a recent project in Bangalore that is assessing the impact of life skills program for local youth and why digital data collection is great for researchers AND respondents.

5 Ways to Improve Your Data Security (Today!) for Digital Data Collection

Close your eyes and imagine you’re being interviewed about your sexual behaviors, your finances, and your health conditions – and then asked the same questions about each member of your family. The person speaking with you has taken photos of you, your children, and your home, and they captured your GPS coordinates within one meter of accuracy. You’ve trusted a stranger with incredibly personal and easily identifiable information. But what steps are they taking to keep your data secure and your family safe?

Thoughts from MERL Tech UK

MERL Tech UK was a small, intimate gathering by conference standards (just under 100 attendees), but jam-packed full of passion, accumulated wisdom, and practical knowledge. It’s clear that technology is playing an increasingly useful role in helping us with monitoring, evaluation, accountability, research, and learning — but it’s also clear that there’s plenty of room for improvement. As a technology provider, I walked away with both more inspiration and more clarity for the road ahead. Some highlights…

Photos from the Field: Ministry of Agriculture and IDB in Haiti

The Ministry of Agriculture in Haiti (Le Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Naturelles et du Développement Rural) recently collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on two impact assessments in Haiti. We connected with Jery Rambao, the field coordinator for the study, and Sébastien Gachot, a rural development specialist at IDB, to learn more about their work.